Achievements of the Department

Significant features of the department:

o    Out of 14 faculty members, 12 are Ph.D holders.

o    Organize Personality Development and Employability Skills Seminars and Workshops for students.

o    Designed a Soft Skills, Personality Development and Verbal Ability Programme for III year B.Tech. students.

o    Business English Certificate (University of Cambridge) is offered in collaboration with British Council/ Cambridge University Press as a Value Addition Programme.

o    Designed a Faculty Development Programme in Communication Skills, Classroom Management and Professional Etiquette.

Apart from the Institute level facilities, the Department has its own Library with 394 titles.


Swami Vivekananda said: “All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.” The Department of English is open-minded and inclusive in its approach. Every student is looked upon as an individual with a unique personality, treated with courtesy and respect, and trained to cultivate self discipline. The department focuses on personality development with emphasis on human values. Special interest is taken in counselling students and giving personal attention to slow learners and students from regional medium background.

The faculty makes sincere efforts to inculcate academic and professional ethics among the students. The faculty motivate students to use web resources to improve their communication skills and soft skills.

In keeping with the vision of GITAM, the department endeavours to organise International Academic Events which hold significant contemporary relevance. We earnestly strive to improve the teaching learning process and research practices to keep ourselves on par with premiere institutes/ universities in India and abroad.

We are motivated by a firm belief that providing value based holistic education is one of the best ways to make a meaningful contribution to the society. We look forward to seeing our students lead the change for a better world.

Features of the Department

  • Research Publication Journals-National/International: 77
  • Research Publication - National/International Conferences: 80
  • Member of Editorial Board-National/International: 11
  • Reviewer-International: 4
  • Keynote Speaker-National/International: 13
  • Chair Session-National/International: 10
  • Conferences attended- National/International: 38
  • Books / Monographs published: 16
  • Faculty Development Programs attended-National: 6
  • Professional Memberships - National/International: 16
  • Conferences/FDP Organized: 6
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