Mechanical Engineering Department   -   Faculty

Prof.N.Siva Prasad M.Tech(Machine Dynamics and Tribology), Ph.D(Machine Design from I.I.T Madras/ Pro Vice Chancellor
Prof.Ch.Sanjay ME(CAD/CAM), MBA, Ph.D(PE)/ CAD/CAM & Automation, Manufacturing Engineering, Machining, Composites, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Expert Systems, Industrial Management, HRD, Supply Chain Management Distinguished Professor & Principal
Dr.Punna Eshwaraiah M.Tech, Ph.D (IIT Delhi)/ Mechanical Engineering Professor-HOD 7680900989
Dr.Nathi Venu Kumar M.Tech, Ph.D(IIT-KGP)/ Machine Design Professor, Director Training and Placement Cell 9908955333
Dr.P.Srinivas M.E.(Anna University), Ph.D(JNTUH)/ Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Associate Professor & Exam Cell Coordinator 9951637873
Dr.Chinmaya Prasad Padhy M.Tech, Ph.D (IIT KGP)/ Manufacturing Engineering, Optimization and Hydrodynamics Associate Professor 7337593848
Mrs.K.Malleswari M.Tech(NIT-Trichy)/ Industrial Engineering Assistant Professor 9948063549
Mr.G.Sandeep Reddy M.Tech(NIT W)/ Materials Technology Assistant Professor 9440965692
Mr.Rafiuzzama Shaik M.S, (Ph.D)/ Advanced Manufacturing Technology Assistant Professor 9885536478
Mr.Bhasker Burra M.Tech(IITM)/ Machine Design Assistant Professor 8374427162
Mr.P.Ravichandra M.S, (Ph.D-IITM)/ Fluids/Thermal Assistant Professor 9160503430
Mr.M.Siva Surya M.Tech(NITW), (Phd -JNTUA)/ Manufacturing Engineering Assistant Professor 9963731660
Mr.V.Naveen Kumar M.Tech(NIT C)/ Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor 9010044101
Mr.A.Kiran Kumar M.Tech(JNTUK), (Phd-S V University)/ CAD/CAM Assistant Professor 7730813444
Mr.N.Sunil M.Tech(NIT W)/ Computer Integrated Manufacturing Assistant Professor 9160023238
Mr.A.Sridhar M.Tech(NIT W), (Ph.D)/ Manufacturing Engineering Assistant Professor 9866640840
Mr.K.Rama Krishna M.Tech(JNTUK), (Ph.D -JNTUK)/ CAD/CAM Assistant Professor 9948194981
Mr.Jagadeshwar Kandula M.Tech(IITM)/ Thermal Engineering Assistant Professor 9502450915
Mr.E.Veerapratap M.Tech(NIT-Calicut)/ Industrial engineering and management Assistant Professor 9502058055
Mr.M.Jayakrishna M.Tech(IIT M), MS/ Design Assistant Professor 9849989185
Mr.Gaddam Bhaskar Rao M.Tech(NIT W)/ CIM Assistant Professor 9951256222
Mr.Ravi H M.Tech(NIT ALLAHABAD)/ Design Assistant Professor 7675908722
Mr.V.Kameswara Sridhar M.Tech, M.Sc(Germany)/ Mathematical Modelling Assistant Professor 9441702807
Mr.Jagabattina Ramesh M.Tech(NIT Calicut)/ Thermal Sciences Assistant Professor 9666181228
Mr.Anil Kumar Reddy Padidam M.Tech(IIT-D)/ Thermal Engineering Assistant Professor 9502765701
Dr.Jeevan Vemula M.Tech (NITW), Ph.D (NITW)/ Manufacturing Engineering Assistant Professor 9550480038
Dr.Mohammed Zaid Ahmed Ph.D/ Assistant Professor 9642803832